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My Story

I have loved every minute of my journey.  My passion for cooking and creating fresh tasteful meals began when I was a little girl growing up in rural Romania, an area best known for castles, vampires and the Carpathian Mountains.  Ever since I was strong enough to stand, I began cooking alongside my grandmother, Maria, who I was named after.    We made meals from scratch using all natural ingredients that we either grew ourselves or that we purchased at our village's local street market.   

I immigrated here as a child and lived in Clear Spring, Maryland.  We were very close to the Mennonite family that sponsored us and supported up through our immigration process.  I grew up along side some amazing women and learned to cook some old Pennsylvania-Dutch favorites.  As an adult, I worked as a business manager for a large financial institution, which required me to travel frequently.  I was able to explore new foods and cultures.  I have a large blended family, and take pride in my seven children.  I love being able to work for myself and the freedom it allows me to be able to balance my large family life.

I love the opportunity to help individuals & families find time in their busy lives to eat fresh healthy food.

Education & Certifications

In 2017, I graduated Valedictorian of the Culinary Arts Program at James Rumsey Technical Institute.  Their program has American Culinary Federation Accrediation.  James Rumsey Technical Institute was selected in 2016-2017 and awarded for Premier Technical School within the state of West Virginia.  

In 2017, I was inducted into The National Technical Honor Society.  This honor society for outstanding career and technical students of workforce vocational education institutions in the United States.

During my enrollment in Culinary Arts, I also had the pleasure at working at three fine dining restaurants where I held the title as Chef de Garde Manger and Catering Sous Chef.  

You can rest assured that your food will be handled with the safest measures.  I take pride in my ServSafe Manager Certification.

Licensed in WV and Insured.
Proud Member of the USPCA
United States Personal Chef Association since 2017