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Personal Chef Services and Catering

Personal Chef Services and Meal Prep

Bringing families back to the table. Giving you more time to enjoy your life.  Small and larger plans available.

How it works:


  • Meal Planning
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Meal Prep
  • Food Storage
  • Clean-Up

1.  We begin by you submitting an online CLIENT ASSESMENT, which provides me with your individual dietary needs and what preferences you and your family may have.  This takes about 5-10 minutes.

2.  After receiving your CLIENT ASSESMENT, I will then schedule a In-Home FREE appointment to review your assessment, walking through your kitchen area and equipment.  This is done prior to your first Cook Day.

3.  After your cook day is scheduled. I will provide you with a custom meal plan for final approval.  I try to take into consideration food inventory you already have on hand and create a grocery list.   Menus are sent at least 2 days prior to cooked day.

3.  On your scheduled cook day, I purchase all fresh ingredients and come to your home to prepare the meals in your kitchen.

4.  The meals are then packaged into proper food storage containers with reheat instructions.  They are then placed in your refrigerator or freezer to be warmed up when it's convenient for you.  

5. You are then provided a copy of food receipt and invoice for services which is sent via email.  Service costs are due at the end of the cook day and Payable online via emailed invoice.

No stress of planning, shopping, cooking and no clean-up!  I leave your home just like I found it but smelling delicious.  You come home to the aroma of a freshly prepared meal knowing exactly what's for dinner! Leaving you more time to do what you love and time to spend with your loved ones. 

Submit a Client Assessment Form to get started on Personal Chef Services.


Service Plans include shopping, meal prep & clean up.  Starting at $125 (*excludes cost of food).  Entrees are one protein, one side each.  Each portion is a generous portion enough to feed an adult and/or two children.


Plan 5x2     5 entrees X 2 portions  =   10 meals - $200

Plan 4x2     4 entrees X 2 portions  =     8 meals -  $175 

Plan 3x2      3 entrees X 2 portions  =    6 meals -  $150

Plan 2x2      2 entrees X 2 portions  =    4 meals -  $125 

*Cost of Food averages $50-$100 for Weekly Plans

Family-Style Larger Meal Plans (PACKAGED IN 10X13 FOIL PANS)

Plan 5x4     5 entrees X 4 portions =  20 meals -  $225

Plan 4x4     4 entrees X 4 portions =   16 meals - $200

Plan 3x4      3 entrees X 4 portions =   12 meals -  $175

Plan 2x4      2 entrees X 4 portions =    8 meals -  $150

*Cost of Food averages $100-$200 for Bi-Weekly & Monthly Plans

Want additional information? Every client is unique and so are our custom menus.  Let us know what your special dietary likes and needs are by submitting a client assessment